Dedicated to the Preservation, Understanding, Reproduction, and Awareness of Furniture Made in America from 1700 to 1840

This site is dedicated to information and the promotion of the furniture created in the United States of America between the mid 1700’s to around 1840.  This was referred to as American Period Furniture.  It is a personal expression of the ideas and opinions of the author.  It is strictly for information and the promotion of this fine furniture and the people who are committed to the future study and promotion of the ideals of this exceptional furniture.

The intent of producing this site is to provide a forum to communicate with others of like interest, share ideas, sources of information, and encourage the on-going study of period furniture.

For purposes of this site, we are referring to the period of American furniture built between the early 1700 until approximately 1840.  Sheraton, Chippendale, and Federal Period are primary periods of interest to the writer.  It is not that we consider others inferior or less in some way, but that we prefer to study this period.

American period furniture had several key areas of development during this time period:  Charleston, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Boston and New York.  The Townsend and Goddard families of Rhode Island produced some of the finest original American designs.  Money of the southern plantation created a market and booming business in the Charleston and low country areas of the Carolinas.  New York and Boston were major commercial areas with “new” money that created an environment for builders of quality furniture.

Discriminating customers demanded quality workmanship and materials.  But ultimately, the makers were in business to produce a product at a competitive price that met the demands of the market.  Many people today believed that these furniture makers had a higher goal in mind.  Others believe they they were just businessmen trying to make a living by exercising their skills and talents.

No matter what their goal, these furniture makers produced some of the most exciting and everlasting examples of furniture for the ages.  After 250 years these pieces of craftsmanship still instill awe and respect in museums, exhibits and homes around the world.

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